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Meinl CC16DATRC 16" Classics Custom Dark Trash Crash
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Meinl CC16DATRC 16" Classics Custom Dark Trash Crash

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MEINL Cymbals Classics Custom Dark Trash Crash - 16"

Full attack, quick decay in combination with a trashy roar. Sound great in combination with regular dark crashes for a layered crash sound.


Aggressive and loud, but with a dark and warm tone, Classic Custom Dark cymbals are like nothing you have seen or heard before. Here, the cutting nature of Classics Custom is met with a shadowy and intense wash that envelops your playing with a complex, dark tone. The wide assortment of models and cymbal types are sure to help you find your sound whether you are adding on or building a complete set.


Made in Germany from B10 bronze alloy, lathe formed profile, extra hammering, wide blade lathing, and dark finish.



  • B10 Bronze Alloy

  • High-tech computerized manufacturing

  • Outstanding sound qualities and brilliant look



  • Cymbal Type: Trash Crash

  • Weight: Thin

  • Size: 16"

  • Music Style: Metal, Rock, Pop, Fusion, Studio

  • Pitch: Low-Mid

  • Character: Musical, Trashy

  • Timbre: Mid-Dark

  • Volume: Medium 

  • Lathe: Wide Blade

  • Sustain: Short

  • Material: B10 Bronze

  • Finish: Dark

  • Shaping: Computerized Hammering, Pressure Point Technology

  • To Clean: Meinl Cymbal Cleaner

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