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Meinl CC16TRC-B 16" Classics Custom Brilliant Trash Crash
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Meinl CC16TRC-B 16" Classics Custom Brilliant Trash Crash

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MEINL Cymbals Classics Custom Trash Crash - 16"

Different sized cut-outs and thin material create an unmistakable trash sound. Soft, buttery feeling yet with a loud, penetrating and sparkling spread in a fairly narrow range.


Bright and focused with a shimmering response, Classics Custom is best suited for drummers who want cymbals that speak with a clear voice. The mirrorlike finish looks incredible under stage lights and adds brilliance to the sound. With so many models to choose from, the extensive lineup provides plenty of options that will allow you to find the missing cymbal you need or build the foundation for a whole new setup.


Made in Germany from B10 bronze alloy, lathe formed profile, mirror smooth surface, and brilliant finish.



  • B10 Bronze Alloy

  • High-tech computerized manufacturing

  • Outstanding sound qualities and brilliant look



  • Cymbal Type: Trash Crash

  • Weight: Thin

  • Size: 16"

  • Music Style: Metal, Rock, Pop, Fusion, Studio

  • Pitch: High-Mid

  • Character: Musical, Rich

  • Timbre: Bright

  • Volume: Medium 

  • Lathe: None

  • Sustain: Short

  • Material: B10 Bronze

  • Finish: Brilliant

  • Shaping: Computerized Hammering, Pressure Point Technology

  • To Clean: Meinl Cymbal Cleaner

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